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"Wadake" of Shirakawa village(Shirakawa-Go) in Japan


"Wadake" of Shirakawa village, Gifu Prefecture is a building with a prada architecture boasting the largest scale in Hagi-machi village.


This house is designated as an important cultural asset of the country because it maintains a good preservation state including garden, hedge, surrounding field, waterway.



Living is a very difficult place. But the winter season is the most beautiful.
If you come to Shirakawago, I would like to take a tour of the Shirakawa Village as well as "Wadake".

The location of the Wada family is good. In addition, with a very beautiful scenery, you can forget about your daily life.

It is the first floor and the second floor part that is made public. There are places that you can not enter.
Admission fee is adult: 300 yen Dwarf: 150 yen.

shes etc that used to be used in the past are also exhibited.


When you reach the 2nd floor you can see fine columns and beams.


Inside was crowded with tourists.
Recently foreign tourists are very numerous.
I would like to thank you for choosing Shirakawago of Gifu prefecture among many Japanese tourist destinations.

<Information of "Wadake">

Address: Gifu Prefecture Shirakawa village Ogimachi Yamagoshi 997

Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00

Holidays: irregular holiday

Parking lot: Ogimachi parking lot usage (500 yen per hour)



Admission fee:
Adult: 300 yen / child: 150 yen