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Delicious Hida beef of Sakaguchiya . Takayama city in Japan

Sakaguchiya is a Delicious Hida beef shop in Takayama city (Hida Takayama), Gifu prefecture in Japan.

A wonderful view from Shinhodaka ropeway (winter) Takayama city in Japan

Shinhodaka ropeway is a large ropeway located in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture The Shinho High Ropeway consists of a first ropeway and a second ropeway.Take the first ropeway and you can go from "Shinhodaka Hot Spring Station" to "Nabetairakou…

"Wadake" of Shirakawa village(Shirakawa-Go) in Japan

"Wadake" of Shirakawa village, Gifu Prefecture is a building with a prada architecture boasting the largest scale in Hagi-machi village.